- Dr. Siva Moodley

“God calls us to walk in integrity, living a righteous life, staying humble and knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit. I die daily, a million times, so that Christ may live through me!"

Dr. Siva Moodley is an International Speaker, Radio & TV personality, Senior Pastor & Founder of five-fold ministry, The Miracle Centre, and mentor to various ministries globally.  Dr Siva has been ministering for over 25 years. He is most recognised for his Television Program 'Your Miracle Moment'.


He is married to Prophetess Jessie Moodley and they have two children, David Joshua (24) and Kathryn Jade (20).


In 2009, he was ordained as a Bishop to the Apostolic Church of India, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


The unusual Signs and Wonders, miraculous healings and prophetic ministry of Dr. Siva Moodley has enabled him to speak to governments of five different countries, as well as key business leaders globally.  Miracle Healing crusades have been held in many countries with hundreds of thousands coming to Jesus.


Pastor Siva started his ministry in 1990, in humble beginnings. His Christian TV program Miracle Moments (now called "Your Miracle Moment") has been aired in five continents by multiple different TV networks and watched by several hundred million people.


It is normal to see radical healings like blind eyes and deaf ears opening, legs growing, cancers/tumours disappearing in this ministry.


Pastors Siva and Jessie have held International Miracle Healing Crusades in the continents of America, Africa, Asia and Europe.


Prophetess Jessie Moodley is an international speaker, Radio & TV personality, senior pastor & co-founder with her husband.


She is an ordained minister, recognised for her strong teaching ministry and deep prophetic ministry. Often God uses her to call out people by their names.


She is also a sought after worship leader by local and international ministries.


Prophetess Jessie writes her own prophetic music, including "Son of Jehovah", "Palm Trees", "as He is" and many others


She co-hosts with her husband on Your Miracle Moment. The theme songs for which she has written and performed.


She is a regular on secular TV programs like Life with Thami on South African TV. She has given valuable insight into marriage on One Gospel (DSTV) over a six-month period together with her husband on a marriage program.


She has also appeared on several TV promos against abuse of women.

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A Few Highlights

There are many other amazing things the Lord has done and is doing, but as Dr. Siva says,

All Glory goes to Jesus!


Jesus Christ appeared in person to Pastor Siva.


Caid Bailey became the first person raised from the dead in Pastor Siva’s meetings.


The glory revival started in The Miracle Centre, Randburg, South Africa.

People from all over the world started visiting this church, many witnessing the glory as a cloud.


Pastor Benny Hinn confirmed the Signs and Wonders Ministry of Pastor Siva through prophecy and the laying on of hands.


People  started getting healed in Pastor Siva’s shadow, like the apostle Peter.


Gold dust first appeared on David (Pastors Siva’s son) as he played the keyboard. It soon spread to the entire church and is a regular occurrence. Precious jewels have also appeared several times.

An angel on commission, travelled to India to fetch Pastor Siva’s stolen wedding ring for him and delivered it to Randburg.

"Baby Boom” hit The Miracle Centre, as almost every married woman, of child bearing age fell pregnant (including those who could not fall pregnant and those to whom doctors said is impossible)


Supernatural weight loss occurred in The Miracle Centre, Randburg as kilograms instantly fell off people.


Supernatural money manifestations started in the Umzinto Miracle Healing Crusade, with people finding sums on money in their wallets, purses and bank accounts.

One person testified how R50 000 mysteriously appeared in their bank account, deposited by unknown persons.

SABC TV talk show host Noeleen on "3 Talk on Noeleen" aired some the miracles that take place at Dr Siva's crusade.


In Pastor Siva was the main guest on top SABC TV3 inspirational talk show: "Life with Thami"


In March 2013, The Miracle Centre hosted Pastor Benny Hinn at the Sandton Convention Center, opening Benny Hinn Ministries' visit to South Africa.

Rev. Jessie Moodley led Praise and Worship, while David played lead guitar.

The meetings were later aired on TBN Africa.


In February 2014, Bishop Dr. Siva Moodley was the main speaker for Kenneth Copeland Ministries Pastor Connect Conference

In November 2013, Baby Ezekiel, who died while in his mother’s womb, was raised to life in a miracle service after Pastor Siva prayed for the mother in a coma. In March 2014, he was born a healthy, perfect child.

Mother and child both perfect. Full Testimony Available in the Miracles Page

In July 2014, Pastor Siva and Jessie visited the nation of Mauritius with extraordinary miracles


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