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The Bible gives specific instructions, not unlike a doctor, for you to be healed. This manual teaches you how to position yourself to receive that healing. Your healing depends on how you take hold of those instructions. Study this manual carefully and prayerfully, together with God’s Word, the Bible, so that God’s guarantee to heal you is fulfilled in your life. Divine healing is an essential element in the Gospel message. It was a primary aspect of the ministry of Christ on earth. Christ bound up the broken souls and bodies. He went about preaching, teaching and healing. Whenever the Word of God is spoken in faith from the lips of a believer, then God’s healing power is activated. Jesus often spoke the word and many were healed. Many were also healed by the laying on of hands and by the Glory.

Do you want to be healed? - God wants to heal you even more!


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Are you walking in the purpose that GOD has destined for you? Are you called to be a King or a Priest in this World? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, this DVD/CD set is a must. This life changing teaching by Dr. Siva Moodley will enable you to walk in the predetermined Destiny that GOD has planned for your life. Every Reborn Christian has been called to be a King on their specific mountain of influence. Dr. Siva Moodley guides you, by providing the keys to unlocking this destiny.  Many have stepped into their purpose and many powerful business leaders have emerged as a result of this teaching.  God wants you to step into your destiny and peruse the purpose for which you are born.


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What are Generational Curses? Why are certain sicknesses generational? Why are members of my family all falling ill or perishing at the same age? My family has suffered with this for so long, is it even possible for us to be free of it? My father and his father before were all in poverty, am I now destined for this same fate? What are iniquities and how are they related to this? All of these questions are answered in this series. The bible explains to us how generational curses started, how they progress and how we can stop it. God wants us to live in victory, free from every generational curse. In this powerful message, Dr. Siva Moodley teaches people about curses and also take them through the process of breaking every curse.

Episode 1 of 3 was aired on "Your Miracle Moment" with incredible reception. Who Am I asks people if they truly know what their purpose is. He explains in easy terms how God's process works for you to follow in His Perfect Will. Without God's perfect plan for our life, we often go astray and go with what "feels right" or makes logical sense. This kind of decision making often lands us in terrible positions or most likely, taking over someone else's purpose. You weren't called to be like someone else, no matter how important, anointed or wealthy that person is. God made you for a special purpose in life.

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The Healing Manual


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